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Open the Future.

Next Generation Battery Recycling for Mercedes-Benz

With our innovative recycling technology, we close raw material loops in e-mobility and contribute to a sustainable future.



We are improving the recovery rate, the purity and the quality of recyclates, ensuring that the material cycle is closed, the carbon footprint reduced and that growth in e-mobility is decoupled from resource consumption.



We are making ourselves less dependent on external raw material sources in the long term. In addition, we are driving forward the transformation to e-mobility in a socially responsible way with new green tech jobs in recycling.



As a Mercedes-Benz Group AG company, we perfectly align our technology and processes with the requirements of the global automotive industry and offer our customers integrated and cost-efficient solutions.

“We need to start decoupling growth and resource consumption now.”

In the current Mercedes-Benz Group Sustainability Report, Manuel Michel, CEO of LICULAR GmbH, talks about battery recycling and its contribution to greater ecological and social sustainability.

Pioneering Technology

What Sets Our Recycling Technology Apart


High Recovery

Our patented recycling process achieves a recovery rate of at least 96%. As we continue to optimize our technology, we will increase this rate even further by 2025.

Hohe Rückgewinnungsquote


Ensuring that recyclates are of the highest purity and quality enables their re-use in the production of new batteries. This is how we avoid downcycling and ensure that the material cycle is actually closed.

High-Purity Rezyklate


As a company of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, safety is always our top priority. Our facilities comply with all legal requirements and current standards of safety technology.

Maximale Sicherheit


With our partners, we are developing the technological and logistical processes in such a way that they can be scaled as a blueprint worldwide. In doing so we are well-prepared for the future.

Industrialisierter Prozess


Founded in 2021.
The Future Firmly in Sight.

The e-mobility market is picking up speed. With regard to the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries, this means that in the coming decade, these batteries will flow into the recycling process in large quantities.

As an independent and dynamic startup within the Mercedes-Benz Group AG, we are working with our own recycling factory on technologies and processes that close the material cycle and further increase sustainability in e-mobility.

> 96%

Recovery rate

up to 70%

CO₂ savings


New battery modules from recovered raw materials

Jörg Burzer

“Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a clear goal with regard to resource conservation: maximizing circular economy for all raw materials used. Sustainable battery recycling is a key factor in this.”

Jörg Burzer
Member of the Board of Management, Daimler AG

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our Role in the Battery Material Cycle at Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes-Benz pursues a very clear goal with regard to resource conservation: maximum circularity of all raw materials used. Sustainable battery recycling plays a key role in this cycle.

Mercedes-Benz Materialkreislauf

A holistic strategic approach

From research and development to production, remanufacturing and recycling – with its holistic approach, Mercedes-Benz Group AG is setting a clear example for true sustainability in automotive engineering.

Battery Material Cycle


Grundsteinlegung für Recycling-Fabrik in Kuppenheim
5. April 2023

Groundbreaking for recycling factory

The symbolic foundation stone for our battery recycling plant in Kuppenheim was laid at a ceremony on March 3, 2023. The first stage of the plant – mechanical dismantling – is to start as early as the end of this year. A few months later, hydrometallurgy is also to be integrated, which will make the pilot factory a unique project in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz Press Release

Pilot Plant Kuppenheim
11 March 2022

BMWK funding for Kuppenheim pilot plant

The consortium around Licular GmbH receives a grant of 16.66 million euros from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) for the construction of its holistic recycling pilot plant in Kuppenheim. This is intended to enable efficient recycling of battery materials and thus contribute to the sustainability of battery potential “Made in Europe”. The funding is part of the BMWK's “Battery Ecosystem” support measure.

BMWK Press Release

Primobius Logo
3 March 2022

Cooperation with Primobius GmbH

For the conceptual design as well as the construction of the proprietary plants, a cooperation with the technology partner Primobius is planned. The joint venture of the German mechanical engineering company SMS group and the Australian project developer Neometals will contribute the necessary technological know-how, including the relevant preliminary investigations, to the project.

Pioneering Technology

Our Partners

Mercedes-Benz LogoPrimobius LogoTU Clausthal LogoTU Berlin LogoKIT LogoDaimler Trucks Logo

“We are proud to be one of the first to implement a resource-saving recycling technology in the heart of Europe. The joint project with Mercedes-Benz shows that our two-stage recycling process already meets the needs of the industry.”

Horst Krenn
Managing Director Primobius GmbH

“The sustainable recovery of recyclable materials is one of the very big topics of the future. The findings will be instrumental in further optimizing current and future battery generations in terms of sustainability and representing a true circular economy.”

Prof. Daniel Goldmann
TU Clausthal

“We are pleased to contribute our competences in the field of material synthesis as well as electrode and cell manufacturing to the project. The validation will not only focus on the re-synthesis of current cathode materials, but also on the production of future generations of materials.”

Prof. Dr. Helmut Ehrenberg
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

“Closing material loops plays a significant role in the life cycle assessment of electric vehicles. The use of recycled raw materials has the potential to significantly reduce the CO₂ footprint and sustainably conserve resources.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner
Technische Universität Berlin
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Standort Kuppenheim

Kuppenheim Site

Europe’s Most Modern Battery Recycling Factory!

From the development of logistics concepts and the sustainable recycling of valuable raw materials to the reintegration of recyclate into the production of new batteries, we will map the entire battery recycling process chain. The pilot factory at the Mercedes-Benz site in Kuppenheim is operated by Mercedes-Benz AG. A plant for mechanical dismantling is currently being built for this purpose, before the plants for hydrometallurgical processing of the battery materials are to go into operation in the next step.

The complete recovery of all desired raw materials and consequently the completion of the entire material cycle will take place using process chemicals. The operation of the recycling plant is subject to a licensing procedure involving the public at the responsible licensing authority, the Karlsruhe Regional Council. We are in close contact with the licensing authority, the specialist authorities involved and other public bodies. In order to successfully exploit the advantages of early public participation in this innovation project for the Kuppenheim region, we are informing the public about the project at an early stage as part of a dialog-based participation concept.

The aim is to develop a technologically leading pilot plant and at the same time create new, sustainable jobs in the Kuppenheim region!

7,000 m²

Factory area


Mechanical processing plant starts production


Tons annual capacity


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